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The transmission system plays an important role in the function and overall performance of your vehicle. Responsible for smoothly shifting from one gear to another, it’s the reason why you’re able to move your vehicle from “Park” to “Drive.” For manual drivers, they have the additional benefit of using the system to control their vehicle’s RPMs. So when your vehicle’s transmission system runs into problems, it’s important that you have the problem handled by professionals who understand what they’re doing. Professionals like Powerline Automotive & Diesel Repair in Rathdrum, ID. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts utilize the latest tools, parts, and service standards to ensure your transmission receives the auto care it needs. Whether there’s a leak or the transmission is slipping, we know how to handle any problem it will encounter!

Do You Need Transmission Service?

Although we recommend you leave any repair and maintenance services to our automotive professionals, it’s still beneficial for you to understand the signs of transmission failure. This allows you to be proactive and get ahead of any issue before it worsens. Here are two things you can pay attention to when utilizing your vehicle’s transmission!

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating the parts found within your transmission system and keeping the functions smooth. It plays an important role in the performance of your transmission system, so you want to make sure that your vehicle is always filled with fresh, quality fluid. When inspecting the fluid, there are three things you should focus on — the level, smell, and appearance.

Unlike motor oil, the level of your transmission fluid never fluctuates. So if you notice that the fluid level has dropped, that’s a clear sign of a leak that needs to be handled. Leaking transmission fluid can cause additional damage to other components found in your vehicle. Along with that, you can also smell when the fluid is leaking or deteriorating. Transmission fluid should have a sweet or tart smell to it. If it smells burnt, you’ll need to have it changed. This smell could indicate that the system is burnt, and you’ll experience additional problems because of that. If it’s burnt, it may be helpful to check the appearance of the fluid as well. Ideally, it should have a translucent reddish, pink color to it. If it has a brownish color to it, that means it needs to be changed as it can no longer reduce the heat the transmission creates.

Quality of Movement

When you shift from one gear to the next, it should be smooth and seamless. If you notice that there is a hesitation or hitch when shifting gears, or you feel like your vehicle isn’t properly accelerating, that’s a clear sign of transmission failure. This is typically caused when drivers decide to shift gears before their vehicle has fully stopped. Continuing to drive with this issue will only worsen the problem and could put you in danger. Quickly visit our facility and let our technicians handle this issue so you can continue to drive smoothly and safely!

Let Us Service Your Vehicle!

Your transmission system is too important to let any problem persist. If you’re looking for high-quality transmission care at an affordable rate, make sure you visit Powerline Automotive & Diesel Repair! Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts have all the resources required to ensure your vehicle is smoothly shifting gears. Whether you need a transmission flush or a complete overhaul, we have the services your vehicle will need. If you’re ready to book a visit or have questions about our services, give us a call at 208-687-8882 or visit our facility at 6482 West Commercial Park Avenue! We look forward to providing you with all your automotive repair needs!