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Full-Service Diesel Repair, Maintenance, & Overhauls

Although diesel engines share a lot of similarities with their gasoline-powered counterparts, they do have one distinct difference — their ignition systems. Unlike gasoline engines that utilize a spark for its internal combustion, diesel engines compress the fuel and air mixture found in the combustion chamber so much that the pressure generates enough heat to ignite the fuel. This engine, which is used by heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and RVs, requires a unique type of auto care in order for it to be properly serviced. It cannot go through the same process a gasoline-powered engine does or else it’ll suffer from increased damage and outright failure. Fortunately for you, that’s where Powerline Automotive & Diesel Repair can help.

At our facility, we have a variety of services available to ensure your diesel powered vehicle is performing at its very best. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts will work with you to provide a service plan that promises quality and affordability. Whether you need the water separator emptied or the fuel injection system breaks down, we know how to handle any problem your vehicle might experience!

Committed to Your Automotive Needs

By visiting Powerline Automotive, you’ve ensured that you and your vehicle will have all your automotive needs met. We want to make sure that we can handle any problem your diesel powered vehicle may have, whether it’s an RV or an ambulance. Your visit begins with our service experts, who have a professional understanding of our services and their price points. They take note of your budget, concerns, and your vehicle’s condition, to create a service plan that’ll have your diesel engine roaring once more.

Once the plan is handed over to our technicians, they get to work. ASE Certified, they have access to the latest tools, components, and service techniques to ensure your diesel vehicle receives the particular auto care it requires. During your service, we invite you to spend time with us! We have a newly renovated waiting room stocked with cold drinks and a coffee bar!

After your service, you’ll meet with our service experts once more. During this time, they’ll give you a quick rundown of the services performed and answer any lingering questions you may have. We’ll only consider your visit finished if all your questions are answered to the best of our ability!

Schedule Your Service With Us!

Diesel powered vehicles require a specific kind of service in order for them to meet their performance standards. Anything other than that can hinder or even hurt their performance, and it’s why you need to visit Powerline Automotive & Diesel Repair in Rathdrum, ID. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts have the experience and technical know-how to handle any problem your diesel powered vehicle may have. If you’re ready to book a visit or have questions about our services, give us a call at 208-687-8882 or visit our facility at 6482 West Commercial Park Avenue! We look forward to providing you with all your automotive repair needs!